The Mushroom Feast #1


The Sacrifice is coming along very slow, but I finished my science story thing!  I’m really excited about posting it!  It isn’t like my other science stories, at all though.  There’s much less science and much more action.  I mean, don’t gear up for a bunch of battle scenes or anything, because more action than my other science stories is still not much action!  I just mean that it’s more of a story and less of a science lesson.

Disclaimer: there are some things in here that I kind-of just made up.  The only information that is purely scientific is the the part about mushrooms at the end.

And I know that you’re all probably excited about the story, but I have a little scheduling update.  I’ll try to keep it brief:

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not getting much inspiration for book reviews, so I’m going to stop doing those and do story posts on Thursdays.  But this is Tuesday?  That’s the exciting part: I’ll be doing two story parts each week!  I might skip days we have Bright Lights, but normally I’ll be doing two posts a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Once is just not often enough.

Anyway, enough of this!  Enjoy the story:


The sun rose slowly above the tree-tops; and gentle rays of light began to filter through the leaves to the forest floor, where a tiny structure made of mud-bricks stood. Sitting all alone in the shadow of the ferns behind it and thatched with tree-leaves, it stood almost five inches high.

Inside, Amelia shoved her flower-petal quilt off, sat up, and stretched her bed-crumpled wings. A thin line of sunshine was peeping from under the edge of her closed curtains. She looked around the single room that made up her house, barely visible in the soft gray light. Another day had come to the forest.

The young fairy stood up, and kicked the house centipede that was curled up under her bed. “Wake up, Jerry!” The centipede crawled out on his thirty legs and pawed at her with one of them. Amelia rubbed her sleep-filled eyes and bent down to rub her pet’s head. “Ready for another day?”


Amelia opened her small, wooden door and looked out at the quiet landscape before her. Ferns and milkweed plants towered over her head; while the trees soured into the sky, almost seeming to go on forever, even to fairy-eyes. But the young girl was not frightened, or even awed by the scene. She was quite accustomed to being three inches high, and looking up at everything except creeping bugs. She pushed her red hair out of her face with a smile and ran into the mammoth underbrush, Jerry scuttling after her. Dressed in a knee-length skirt of purple clematis petals and a leaf shirt with lily-of-the-valley blossoms as sleeves, Amelia ran down her well-worn path she had trodden to the river, gently brushing aside huge leaves and blades of grass that hung over it.

A river as the fairies called it and as it was to them, the Bluestone flowed as a small trickle, hardly four inches across and not more than that deep. Carefully kneeling beside it, Amelia dipped her tiny hands in the water and splashed her face. She filled the teeny wooden bucket she brought with her every morning, and set it down on the mossy bank beside her. She sat back then and dangled her bare feet in the water, while the centipede poked about in the moss, which was about as tall as neatly-mowed grass to him and his mistress.

Seeing a beetle land on a nearby plant, Amelia pulled her feet out of the water and jumped up. It was a dark, metallic green that shone in the sunlight. She ran up to it as it started to bite into the leaf. It saw her coming and buzzed off. Amelia shook her fist after it, and lifted the corner of the leaf to look at it. No surprise: another beetle had already bitten the leaf into a Swiss-cheese pattern. Worthless! She threw a small bit of a twig at another one that was crawling in the beetle’s jolting, uneven way through the moss; picked up her bucket; and whistled for Jerry. “Let’s go find some breakfast!”


House centipedes are actually real.  Look them up.  We also have a picture of one, and I’ll post it if I find it!


Are you as excited as I am???

4 thoughts on “The Mushroom Feast #1”

    1. Um, pretty sure that’s not possible! 😀
      Why will it be your favorite? Fairies? I could have guessed! Even if they’re. . . a bit smaller than yours! 🙂

      1. Yes 🙂 . Your fairies are … fairy-sized 😀 . Mine are much-bigger-than-average fairies 🙂 .
        By the way, which way do you liked to spell fairy? I actually prefer spelling it Faerie, but I always write it the other way. For some reason 🙂 . ~Savannah

        1. I like ‘faerie’ a lot , but I usually write ‘fairy’ as well. I think faerie is medieval–so of course I like it! 🙂 I’ll probably use it in a story someday. Probably in a more fantastical story, this one is more quaint and flower-fairy-ish, and not necessarily medieval.

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