??? {Mystery Quote #14} ???

Last week’s quote came from Lost in the WoodsA Photographic Fantasy by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick (which has no chapters).

Ellen and Juliana guessed the book, and Spencer. . . kind-of did.   I have more than one nature book on my shelves, but I think he meant this one! 🙂  Super cute; it’s a picture book about a fawn, that is illustrated by real photographs of wildlife.


“You mathematician!  I wish you could at least pay a compliment without arithmetic!”

Not sure how many of you have read this one, but I know some of you have.  Happy guessing!

12 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #14} ???”

  1. #IHaveNoClue It sounds like a math book though. #MathFanNOT
    I’ll say, with Sky, Carry on Mr. Bowditch. Hannah’s read it and I think I’ve listened to parts of it being read. I should read it…………Hannah said I should. Isn’t there something about a priviter in it? How do you spell that? It was all very confusing. Made me think of the veggie tales show where they teach forgiveness.

    1. Way better than veggie tails, Ellen. You should definitely check it out. Nat Bowditch has every reason to give up but he keeps going even when his entire world is crumbling and he is told to give up. An amazing story of what you can when all you have left is your own spirit. And it’s a true story!

      1. Yeah, I’ll read it. Sometime. I actually listened to the first 6 chapters three nights ago. All I know about the end is that pretty much everybody dies. But I’ll read it. Sometime.

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