July Book Reviews: Nebraska is my Home

Nebraska Is My Home by James C. and Vera Olson was the last book I had to read for History!  I do have a few ideas for the coming Thursdays though. 🙂

This book is a story about a family; and the authors wove information into the story-line, like I did with my science stories.  As you’ve probably guessed from the title, it’s all about Nebraska.  There is information about the Indians, as well as the pioneers.

It was fun to read a book that was all about my home and I recognized a lot of the names.  I had a few concerns, but over-all it was a good, informative book.  It isn’t a novel though, I was disappointed how un-storyish it was.  One of my concerns was how young their children were, considering some of the things they were talking about, though the book was not overly intense.  I also felt like it was a bit pro-Indian anti-pioneer at first, but they resolved that pretty well.

It was published in the nineteen fifties, and I’m not sure where it can still be bought; but if you can find a copy I would giving it a try–especially for those of you who live in Nebraska!

P.S. Happy July! 🙂


3 thoughts on “July Book Reviews: Nebraska is my Home”

  1. Great book review! I feel like I’ve read this book before … I’m not sure 🙂 .
    Did Ellen show you all the secret story info that she coaxed out of me yet? ~Savannah

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