Module 9 & 10 Story #5

Trying to do these more often!  The next part is the last one.


I wish we hadn’t had to throw our carrot away,” Mandy said sadly, as Katie finished braiding her hair.

“Me too,” her big sister agreed, pulling a ponytail-holder onto the end of the braid. “But we did get to see its roots, and it was starting to rot. It was really just in time! I can’t believe we’re going home tomorrow. Now, are you ready to swim?”

“Mmm-hmm. How about you? I don’t want to swim without you.”

“I just have to ask Mama to do my hair. I wish I could braid it myself,” she added wistfully, tugging gently on her little sister’s braid.

“You do mine nicely.”

“Yes, but I’ve tried to do it on myself, and it turns out all wispy. It’s just hard when you can’t see. Ah well! I’ll master it someday. Now you go swim with the boys, while I get my braids. This is our last swim, you better get as much as you can, little fish.”

“Fish indeed! I’m a mermaid!” Katie sighed. More mermaids. “By the way, Katie, what kingdom are fish in?”


“But they’re not animals.”

“Well, technically they are—scientifically. Actually, scientists put humans in Animalia too.”

“But we’re not animals!”

“No, we’re most certainly not. But biologically we are closer to animals than to, say. . . kelp.”

“I should think so! Would mermaids be in Animalia too?”

“They don’t exist, sweetie.”

“I know, I know! But if they did—if?”

Hmm… interesting question. “Probably Animalia. Now you go back where you belong, little mermaid.”

Mandy bounced off, and Katie went to look for her mother.


These last ones are a bit shorter.  Happy Sunday!

7 thoughts on “Module 9 & 10 Story #5”

  1. I’m so loving this story … wish the next part wasn’t the last. Are you going to be writing any more science stories after this one is done?
    By the way … how is ‘The Sacrifice’ coming along? ~Savannah

    1. I will be writing one more story that was inspired by my science this year, but it’s not much like these ones.
      And “The Sacrifice” is kinda’ on hold. There’s a few things I need to figure out, and I’m thinking about going back and re-writing parts of it.

  2. Can I be a mermaid too…? 🙂 Oh no! They had to throw the carrot away? That’s sad. Loving this story! Can’t believe the next part is the last! ~Skylar

  3. There is only ONE MORE PART!
    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job on this story part!
    How old are Katie and Mandy? Have fun writing the other part of the story! 😀
    – Your friend,

    1. Mandy’s ten, and Katie is my age (because she’s taking General Science). I actually have the whole thing written already, but I DID have fun! 🙂

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