Real Life

I’ve been in the real world more than usual lately.

I’m usually in another world mentally for most of the day.  Maybe it was Bright Lights that got me excited.

I’ve been in the real world and I feel like it’s the first time.  But I’m finding it more livable than I imagined looking at it from Narnia.

(Is this coming out weird?  I should’ve expected that.)

I still don’t know how people survive living here long-term without going somewhere dragon-infested occasionally.  I know it’s crazy, I’m just usually so zoned-out that this feels weird.  And I guess my mind is still working pretty hard, but it’s about real things.  Daydreaming about about real life is unusual for me.  Usually I’m making up stories. . . and though some of them don’t reach paper (thankfully), but some of them do.  So if you like my stories, be thankful for how weird I am.  But lately I’ve been thinking about things I might do sometime today, and things I should learn.

Though I’ve been lapsing back into fantasy today.  Which means it was probably BL.  But I think it was good to get some real-life-thoughts processed.  I’ve decided that I might be able to do something besides make up stories.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I might learn to drive someday, or get a job, or be able to navigate finances.  I decided I MIGHT actually be able to handle self-publishing a book–someday.  (Dad and I went through what it would take to self-publish a while ago–how much money would make it you sold this many books and it cost this much to make every book.  I decided it was too confusing, and I couldn’t do it.  I would stock up stories and leave them in a drawer, and maybe after I died someone would find them and like them and publish them.  I’ve gradually developed a more hopeful opinion.  I do hope to publish now someday.)

Does this make sense?  I don’t always.  This just a bit of what it looks like inside my brain.

Thank you for sticking around, my dear readers from the real world, even through all the weirdness. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Real Life”

  1. My brain is like that a lot, too 🙂 . And actually, most of your post made a lot of sense 🙂 . And if being weird is what makes your stories so good then, yes, I’m very glad you’re weird 😀 .
    I never knew that you were looking into self-publication at one point. I had always that the idea of self-publishing a book was cool … even though I barely know what it is 🙂 . Do you think you would ever do it someday? ~Savannah

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