??? {Mystery Quote #9} ???

Mom, Michael, Lucy, Spencer and I went to the Zoo this morning (pictures coming) and the Zoo always wears me out.  So I’m kinda’ tired this afternoon, and I also had little inspiration for what quote to use today.  I just randomly grabbed a book off the shelf in our living room, and starting flipping around.  And found a quote.  A bit of a strange one, but I decided to use it.  So, without further ado:

Last week’s quote came from The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner.

Ellen guessed right, and gets brownie points for guessing the chapter (chapter eight; “A Swimming Pool At Last”).

NOTE: Should we make a rule that from now on you can try and guess the chapter (you can look it up in the book)?

Okay, the quote I found this afternoon:

Disastrous would be a good word to describe the whole experience.  I drove away drenched, exhausted, and covered in mud and bean juice, but not discouraged.  Somehow, God was going to reach these people.  Not through my hauling our extra food and trying to throw them a picnic, but somehow.

I’m not sure how many of you have read this book, but I’m pretty sure some of you have, and. . . I’m not giving any more hints.

Happy guessing!

16 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #9} ???”

  1. Wait a second. You’re saying this is from ‘Kisses from Katie’?
    Well, if it is, then…..some chapter in the early part of the book. 🙂
    I’m gonna go check to see if I can find the place where it could say that in ‘The Narrow Road.’

  2. I don’t know the chapter number. Am I allowed to look it up? Or I can describe the chapter it is from. 🙂

    1. Brownie-points if you want to summarize a chapter in a comment, but yes, you’re allowed to look it up. There are VERY few books that I would be able to hear a quote from and be able to say what chapter it was from! 🙂

  3. It’s from the chapter where Katie goes to feed the people of Masese and it ends in chaos. That is, chapter 15, Three Thousand Friends.

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