Randomness from My Life


We went to the Omaha Cystic Fibrosis (or CF) Walk on the sixteenth with some friends from our home-school group whose daughter has CF.


The whole family got T-shirts!





There were some little ponies there!  Lucy was a little scared of them, but I think she enjoyed taking pictures.


We got Mama new mulch as a Mother’s Day present.  We also added the rocks right here.  I love the way they look!


We had some mushrooms growing in our yard.


I’m a fan of mushrooms.  They’re cute. #IKnowImCrazy


And no, we don’t have different colors of mulch.  It just looks like that in the pictures. 🙂


And we went over to our friends’ house last Sunday, and their daughter found a rabbit’s nest while we were there–with baby rabbits in it!  We tried to count how many, but I don’t think we ever came to an absolute.


Their eyes weren’t even open yet!  They were sooo cute!


Lucy tried on one of their dress-up dresses while we were there.  It looked lovely on her, but this picture turned out blurry and the lighting was horrible. 🙁


We bought a professional popsicle mold. . .


. . .and Mom and Michael made popsicles today!






We ate them before they were really frozen!  They were still good though! 🙂

I just noticed that older post I linked to up there included my first reference to The Sacrifice on here!


Mom and Michael cooking together a few days ago.


Mom’s pan. . .


. . .and Michael’s  bowl.  That’s water, elbow noodles, cinnamon, a few confiscated potatoes, and who-knows-what-else! 🙂  He likes to mix things–anything.


Lucy: Good job, Michael!
Me: Can you say thank-you, Michael?
Michael: Thank you, Lucy!
Lucy: You're welcome
Michael: You're welcome too!

Hmm. . . not exactly proper grammar, Michael!  He likes to say you’re-welcome. 🙂

Happy Friday, guys!  What have you been up to?


6 thoughts on “Randomness from My Life”

  1. Love It, Hanna! Those mushrooms ARE cute! 🙂 Lucy looks gorgeous in that dress! Hey, is that Hannah Vogaltanz with Becca in the background of that picture…? 🙂
    The bunnies are SO cute! Yesterday morning, I was outside and spotted a little baby bunny! It wasn’t as young as the ones you saw, though. It was old enough to hop around. and already had fur. SO cute!

  2. Great pics, Hanna! I really like the one of your whole family at Rachel’s walk! And I agree with you and Sky, the mushrooms are pretty cute 🙂 . The baby bunnies are adorable! I love baby animals 🙂 . Lucy looks so beautiful in that dress! Those popsicles looks so good, we like to make popsicles too (For some reason the computer is tell me that popsicle isn’t a word. Weird).
    We haven’t been up to much. Sky has been outside more than she’s been inside lately, enjoying the nice weather. That girl practically LIVES outside 🙂 ! ~Savannah

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