May Book Reviews: Fair Wind to Virginia

This is technically my first week of summer break, but I am still finishing up history.  When I get done with it, we will take a break from 18th century historical fiction. 🙂

Anyway, I do not think I had ever heard read or even heard of Fair Wind to Virginia by Cornelia Meigs before I read it for school last week.  I was not sure how much I would like it, but I really enjoyed it!

It is about two children (Eleven and thirteen) who are sent to Virginia simply to get out of England because their father made the mistake of speaking his mind about King George.  In America though, they are rejected by the governor whom they were supposed to go to for help, and are begin looking for a way to live on their own until their parents can join them.  Thomas Jefferson plays a big part in the story, but I believe most of the main characters are fictional.

And for anyone who starts it and begins to wonder how things are going to work out (spoiler alert) it has a wonderful ending–a practically picture-perfect, satisfying, Cinderella-like ending.  So don’t give up. 🙂

To Peggy and Hal it seemed, for the first time, to represent what men dreamed of when they spoke of the New World. (142)

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