May book reveiw: Cinnabar

Cinnabar: The One O’Clock Fox by Marguerite Henry.  Yet another book I had read before, but read again for history this year anyway. 🙂

It’s an interesting book.  It is about a fox named Cinnabar, and the ‘bad guy’ is actually George Washington because he goes on fox hunts.  Notice I said interesting.

Cinnabar is an fun book, and it was not necessarily disrespectful of George Washington and his role in the Revolution, he just went on fox hunts.

He squinched his eyes and gave his brush [tail] a flick and a flirt just to tell himself he was not dreaming; that he was, in fact, Cinnabar, the One O’Clock Fox.  And today was his.  For fun. (42)

I loved Cinnabar’s relationship with his family.  He had huge responsibilities, trying to feed four fox cubs; and he did go meet up with the hunters on purpose (because he knows they cannot catch him) for a holiday–but I still think he was a good father, and he was very careful about saving up food for his family while he was gone.

It didn’t have a lot of moral value, but it was entertaining, and I remember loving it when I was little!

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    1. Ran out of replies up there, Ellen, so I’m answering your question down here:
      Savannah was commenting cats on Jaidyn’s blog a while ago, and you suggested she try making a horse. We all agreed after that that horses were impossible.

      1. Yeah, I was confused for a second there too, Ellen 🙂 . Then I asked Sky, and she told me what Hanna was talking about. Not sure how she remembered, but … 🙂 ~Savannah

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