May Book Reviews: Judge

So. . . I just kinda’ launched into May without thinking about it, and then realized I never officially made ‘book reviews’ a permanent thing.  I thought that after the third month I’d ask if you guys wanted to make it permanent.  But I’m out of patience, so what do you say to doing them every month until further notice?

You can read a review of Prophet by R.J. Larson here.  I came across it a while ago while digging through Leah’s ‘fantasy’ tag.  Looking back at it now, I feel like there’s a lot that could be said about that book, but reviews can only be so long and it was enough to get me interested.  Leah mentioned later that the Kindle version was free (I also read Waltz Into the Waves because of Kindle’s free, Leah-recommended version), and Spencer got it (because I’m pretty much helpless around computer, Kindles, and all electronics).  And I loved it!

My reader Savannah recently let me borrow her copy of Prophet‘s sequel, Judge.

“Not that I’m questioning matters, but isn’t this Ela of Parne’s role?  She’s the prophet and messenger. . . or have you turned prophet as well?”  “I hope not.” (19)

I felt like the romance was more of a drag than in Prophet, and there was one part that I felt was un-creatively close to a Bible-story; and it does cover some pretty adult-level topics, so I would definitely recommend children seeking parental guidance.  I also did not feel like the author resolved some of these tough situations very well–just pulled the main characters out and moved on.

But over-all I really enjoyed it, and found it spiritually encouraging.  I think it helped me grasp more of God’s character, and it also challenged me to make Him the center of my life.

As well as for the other Parnians who were rushing up to the wall walk, against her warnings, brandishing their swords and bows and arrows.  Infinite?  Why won’t they listen?! (187)

11 thoughts on “May Book Reviews: Judge”

  1. Great review, Hanna! I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I definitely agree that it did get awfully close to a Bible story at one point. It was still a really good book, though 🙂 .
    Did I ever mention how much I love the Destroyers? 🙂 ~Savannah

        1. I was wondering what you’d think of the destroyers! I mean, I loved them, but I thought maybe they’d be too weird for all-out horse-lovers. . . I tried to describe them to Ellen, and I think it kinda’ weirded her out.
          They’re so funny though! 🙂
          P.S. Did you notice that Kien always says “Scythe”, Tzana always says “Pet”, and Ela uses both?

          1. Yes, I did notice that. I think it’s because Tzana thinks of him as a pet, and Kien doesn’t. Ela thinks of him as both, maybe? I really don’t know 🙂 . I typically call him Scythe, though. What about you? ~Savannah

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