A Little Randomness

A post I wrote was featured on the Sparrow Fund blog again!  You can read it here.  I just wrote it recently, and I didn’t post it on here.  (Unlike “Broken”.)

Also, I need more help with names. (What on earth is my problem with names???)  In my next science story the main character has a little brother who is eight, and I need a name for him.  I’m looking for a fairly ‘normal’ name, but something a little exotic would be fine too.  Once I get a name for him and come up with a really strong line to end it with, I’ll be ready to post it! (Yay!)

Also, sorry I never got back to you guys on this post.  I’m still deciding on what names I’m going to use, but Christina suggested Amy and I know I’m going to use that one.  I’ll probably decide on the rest of them when I get to the characters in the story.


7 thoughts on “A Little Randomness”

  1. I SO love thinking of names! I only thought of a few, but here they are: Connor, Ryan, Kyle, Timothy … and that’s all I got 🙂 .
    Are you looking for names that start with any certain letter? ~Savannah

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