??? {Mystery Quote #4} ???

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Mama and Michael made home-made chocolates yesterday.


Michael made up a chocolates-song to sing.


It had one word: “chocolates.” #ThreeYearOld 🙂


Last week’s “Mystery Quote” was from Prophet by R.J. Larson.  Spencer, Ellen, Savannah, and Skylar all got it right.  The name in the brackets was “Ela” and Savannah and Skylar got it right.

Four people?  Phew!  I think that’s a record!  Oh! I came up with something to mention:

If you look up the quote in the book, your guess still counts.  You still had to guess which book to look in.

Just thought I would clarify that.  I’ve looked up several quotes from Leah’s blog!  Now for this week’s quote:

[She] remembered that because afterwards it didn’t seem like bright blue weather anymore, although the weather had not changed in the slightest.

Go ahead and guess what name is in the brackets.

Good luck!



* pictures are from a different chocolates-making.

8 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #4} ???”

        1. I had NO clue what it was … and then I had Ma Google it. Now I know what it is, but I won’t say because I didn’t make the guess as to which book to look it up in. The computer did it for me 🙂 . ~Savannah

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