??? {Mystery Quote #1} ???

Hi, guys!  It’s Tuesday!!! 🙂

I’m SUPER excited!

Okay, let me explain what “Mystery Quote” is.  For those of you who read “Leah’s Bookshelf” it’s essentially “Guess a Quote” called something different.  Thank you for inspiring me, Leah!  “Guess a Quote” is my favorite part of your blog! 🙂

So: for those of you who don’t read Leah Good’s blog, let me explain: I’ll be posting on Tuesdays.  Once a week I will post a quote without saying what book it’s from.  You guys guess what book it’s from and post your guess in the comments.

Leah edits the title and author out of the comments, but I’m too lazy to do that, so please come up with your guess before you look at the other comments.  Thanks!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be doing this–at least until my next science story (which I’m having a lot of fun with, by the way!), but I’ll probably keep doing it until The Sacrifice, and then I’ll most likely keep doing it in between stories.

Leah puts the date in her titles, but I’ve never really held with dates (except birthdays) so I’m going to number them.  Also, that way if someone finds one of these posts, they know to search for number *** to find the next one, if they don’t recognize the quote! 🙂

Okay, almost ready!  A few more things: I’m starting with a book that I think most of you have read, but as we go on I might branch off a little, just to see who’s read what.  Oh! and I’m doing two quotes this week.  I might not always.  I will try to usually have one.  I really should do it ‘normal’ the first week, but it was such a good book I couldn’t help myself! 🙂

Okay, let’s go:

“… you’re a hero,” said [he].  “That’s the nearest you’ve got today to saying I told you so.


She was not enjoying her match half so much as [he] had enjoyed his; not because she had any doubt about hitting the apple but because [she] was so tender-hearted that she almost hated to beat someone who had been beaten already.

The brackets was just to edit out names that would have been pretty big give-aways!  (I got that from Leah too! 🙂 )

Alright, do you know the book???

17 thoughts on “??? {Mystery Quote #1} ???”

    1. Oh my word! I can’t believe I forgot to mention that: they’re from the same book. Sorry about that.
      Also, for those of you who see this, brownie points to everybody who can guess the names I edited out!
      I’ll say what book it is next Tuesday! Sorry if I didn’t make that clear, guys! 🙂

      1. I can’t make any more guesses, because after I typed my comment, I was even more curious as to what the quote was, and I went and looked it up :-). I won’t tell if I guessed right or wrong though … that would spoil it for everyone else :-). ~Savannah

    1. Wow, Savannah, I guess I didn’t think of that! I always assumed on Leah’s blog when people said they ‘looked it up’ that they did it on the computer…I never thought they might be talking about the book. Silly me! I guess I didn’t really think of it as cheating to look in the book, but I was thinking of Leah’s blog and she edits comments so you don’t know what book they’re talking about when they say they looked it up… I don’t know.
      Oh my word! This got long! 😉

  1. Okay……
    The first one: Prince Caspian, and it’s Peter talking to Lucy.
    The Second one: Prince Caspian, and here are the names in the order of which they come: Edmund, Susan, about Trumpkin. (Spelling error, I’m not sure how to spell his name)
    This is SO fun!!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I thought it was really fun to do on Leah’s blog even though I don’t usually know the ones she does! 🙂
      Nice job catching that the first ‘she’ was not in brackets. I don’t know how to spell Trumpkin either–that looks right, and I’m too lazy to go get the book. 🙂

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