Module 7 Story #6


I’m so excited!  Excited about next Tuesday too…

Sorry it’s so short.  I finished Part 9 of The Sacrifice today, and some of those chapters are pretty long–like un-optional-continuereading-buttons kind of long! 🙂  And the story itself is going to be long too.  I don’t ‘do’ short.  But… you guys don’t seem to mind long stories, so I guess we’re okay! 🙂  Anyway–


The rest of our trip flew by. The fossil was excavated successfully, and before I knew it, it was time to head home. The plane-flight was still grueling, but I considered the trip worth it!

We arrived at the airport late in the afternoon, and went to grandma and grandpa’s house first thing, to pick up the little girls.

“How was it?” grandma asked me.

“It was good,” I answered, and before I could say anything else, Hannah intervened, “It’s not fair that you went to Siberia without me! I didn’t know it was so exciting until I heard Mrs. Williams talking to grandma at church about how amazing it was you were going so young!”

“You would have been bored, sweetie!” I said kissing her hair. “There’s nothing over there but ice and snow and frozen mud and frozen mammoths.”

“What’s a mammoth?” asked Hannah.
“It an elephant,” said Millie wisely.

“No,” I corrected, “Actually, it’s not.”

“Then what is it?” asked Millie.

“It’s a long story,” I said. “I’ll tell you later.”

The End

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