Module 7 Story #4

Part 4!  Only two more!  🙁  Part 5 is really long, but the last one is really short.  I started writing my second science story yesterday to go along with Module 8!  I’m not sure how long that one is going to be… probably long because, well, because it’s written by me! 🙂


I found just Mom and Aunt Dakota in the “kitchen” the next morning when I got up.

“Feeling adventurous?” Mom asked.

“Like Indiana Jones,” I said sarcastically, sliding into a chair.

They had already eaten, but they sat down with me and drank some tea.

“We usually just have breakfast-bars or instant oatmeal for the sake of time,” my aunt explained. “But last time we were in town right before you guys came out and thought we’d get some bacon and pancakes for special, since we were having company.”

“Thank you!” I said, trying to think of the last time I’d had Bisquick pancakes—and failing.

“The guys are already out in the tent,” Mom said, after a few minutes. “Why don’t you go join them when you’re done?”

I cringed mentally. “Okay. Are you coming too?”

“We’re going to do the dishes and then come out.”

“I can stay and help you guys, if you want.” I offered.

“You are so not getting away with that!” Mom said laughing. “You’re going to go excavate a fossil!”

“I’m not allowed to touch it!” I pointed out.

“Then watch.”

Which is how I found myself outside in the frigid air, walking towards a tent full of men and preserved remains of once-living organisms. I paused to look at the scenery. Dreary as it was, it was beautiful—or would be in a picture. Picture? I should get my camera! I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the fossil, but I could capture this landscape to show my little sisters. They would be impressed.

For a long time ‘Siberia’ had been only a reference to our Siberian husky, Todd. Then it became pictures of snow and fossils that Uncle Jonathan sent us or put on Facebook. And it would be pictures only to Millie and Hannah still. But for me, it was a place now. A place I couldn’t decided if I liked.

I slipped into the tent after putting my camera away and found the two doctors working on the fossil with Dad watching. “Good morning, honey!” Dad said, as I came in. “Morning, Daddy!” I responded, making a wide circle around the fossil to stand next to him.

It took me a full five minutes to work up my courage to ask a question. “Uncle Jonathan?”

“Yes, Cassidy?”

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    1. Yeah… I didn’t really want to break it up in the middle of that conversation, but I had to or it would have gotten way too long. As it is the rest of it takes up the whole next part–which, as I’ve said before, is a really long one! 😉

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