What in the World would I do without you guys???

Guess what I started writing this week:


Yes, my next story!  It’s called The Sacrifice. *  I’m having all kinds of fun with it! 🙂


But I need some help–with names. 🙂  Could you guys help me?  I need a name for a dragon and a German Shepherd dog.  I can’t tell you much, but I’ll try and tell you a little about them without giving away any spoilers:

The dragon is fierce and greedy.  He is green, about 36 1/2 feet long from head to tail, and he’s a talking dragon–most of my dragons talk.  Smaug influence. 🙂  He has wings, and I think he is going to do a lot of flying!

The German Shepherd is big and strong, and very loyal.  I can’t really tell you anything about who he belongs to, but he is very close to his master, and knows his voice alone gives commands to be followed.

I need to come up with a name for the dragon before I can write much more, but the German Shepherd doesn’t come in for a while; so I might try to just pick the dragon’s quickly and move on, but narrow down names for the dog and post about it again.  We’ll see!


The reason I started writing The Sacrifice is because I finished editing Searching For His Name–except for one thing I need a little help with.  Guess what?  It’s a name.  Like always, but think of the title! 🙂

I need a name for a woman.  She and her husband have two sons.  They live in a big city, but the men go out and hunt in the surrounding forest.  Her last name is Miller.  I came up with a name for her but then decided I didn’t like it, so I’m looking for a new one.  Could you help me?  Please?

Thank you!  You guys are awesome!

🙂 ★ 🙂 ★ 🙂

The stars are also courtesy of Skylar! 🙂


* Special thanks to Ellen for helping me pick a name!

18 thoughts on “What in the World would I do without you guys???”

  1. I am sure you will have plenty of great suggestions from others, but I wanted to contribute this time 🙂
    Possible dragon names: Alastair, Zaldivar, Spartacus, Tiberius
    Possible German Shepherd names: Kilian, Lex, Sayer, Blaize
    Possible names for the woman: Jecca, Ashleigh, Alizabeth, Viktoria
    Good luck with your story!

    1. Thank you for contributing! I love your names! Even if I don’t use them in this story, I might use them somewhere else. I’m thinking about using one of the names that was suggested for Queen Eleanor in a different story I want to write! 🙂

  2. Olivia for the woman…
    Is your dog and dragon male or female? I have some ideas…just curious.
    Gpa, R.

  3. I love it when you ask people for help with your character’s names! It’s so fun! Anyways, here is what I thought of (It isn’t much, I’ll try to think of more later):
    DRAGON: Zenas, Drake, Zade
    DOG: … I actually couldn’t think of any names for him! I’ll keep thinking :-).
    LADY: Violet, Ginger, Sylvia, Mira, Sarah
    I’m guessing that you want a normal name for the lady and the dog, and a more exotic one for the dragon? I couldn’t think of much right now, but when I get more ideas, I’ll tell you :-). ~Savannah

    1. Hmm… I definitely want a normal name for the woman and an exotic one for the dragon. I’m not sure about the dog though… the character has a horse too, and she has a name from the Bible that’s kinda’ strange, so probably something similar to that.

  4. More names…

    I like Papa’s suggestion of Olivia for the Mrs. Miller but I think your dog would be best with a long or impressive name. Something like Bartholomew, Caesar, or Titan. Titan’s my favorite. The dragon should be Lord Abadalyx the Insatiably Greedy. Pronounced aba-d-al-ix (all a’s make the sound as in cat).

    1. Whoo… I really like Titan. I like the dragon suggest too–but then I would have to have a pronunciation guide, wouldn’t I? 🙂

      1. I guess so. 🙂 It’s a combination of the ancient Greek word for destruction, “abaddon,” and “Chrysophylax,” which is the name of the dragon in JRR Tolkien’s short story “Farmer Giles of Ham.”

  5. More names!
    DRAGON: Arceus, Hynarix, Golbez, Thornix, Zenobios, Zeromus (The emphasis is on the ‘o’ and it’s a long ‘o’ in the name Zeromus)
    DOG: Cyrus, Caspian, Trevor, Hunter, Matrix
    LADY: Fiona, Ava, Brygett
    Yes, I know some of the names are kinda ridiculous (A couple of them I made up myself, that could be why), but I thought I would suggest them to you anyways :-). ~Savannah

    1. I really like Thornix as a dragon name–couldn’t say why… maybe because it reminds me of Thorin and there’s a dragon in that story! I don’t mind ridiculous names at all! Whatever I name the dragon in this story, next time I need a name for some exotic creature I’ll look back!

  6. Wow! Names?? Well,
    Dragon: I like Titan!
    German Shepherd: Prince, Drake, Caspian
    Lady: Olivia! I like that name…….
    Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

    1. Here’s some more names :-)!
      DRAGON: Avazirev (The ‘va’ is pronounced like the ‘va’ in Vaseline, and that’s where the emphasis is), Vladimir, Spyros,
      LADY: Priscilla, Maureen
      Avazirev was actually a mix of the Latin words for greedy and green. As you can see, I couldn’t think of anything for the dog. Maybe you could give him a bible place name like you did for the horse? ~Savannah

          1. I wrote the Latin words down (So that I would remember them if I needed to), so here they are!
            Green: Veridian
            Greedy: Avazitia
            To make up the name ‘Avazirev’ I mixed up the Latin word for greedy with the backwards Latin word for green … if that makes any sense :-). ~Savannah

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