“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #6

So, I had a bit of an adventure last night.  Rather different from the big one I just went on, but an adventure nonetheless: helping Dad unclog the bathroom drain!  Plumbing being something quite out of my experience, I was rather scared at the prospect.  And, of course, Spencer was off swimming with some friends–and probably having the time of his life–so I had to do it. 🙂  Cue Dad’s comment about how Becca and I are now ‘learning what it means to have a brother’.  Really, I think that should have been directed solely at me, as Becca just sat on the bed in the other room on her computer, using college as an excuse. 🙂  I must say that Dad did most of the work.  And, that kind of thing is somehow less gross when you’re doing it, not just standing around watching your dad and brother do it.  (I know, I know, that doesn’t follow.)  But only a little less–to say I felt like I needed to wash my hands afterwards is an understatement; I felt more like pulling them off and throwing them away.  Suddenly wishing I was a Lego mini figure and could grab easy replacements out of  the toy-box! 🙂  Even after I washed them they still felt dirty–and probably would have for hours had I not already been planning to shower.  Oh! and I bumped my head while climbing around under the sink.  Pathetically classic.

Okay: enough about my adventure, let’s get to Hannah and Spenser’s!

Hey! one more thing: for those of you who were disappointed because you were expecting a more classic, medieval dragon-story–don’t worry: the next one is a good ole’ unoriginal, knight-in-shining-armor, princess-story.  

And, in the original version part of this was in Chapter 4.  I decided that the chapter ended better the other way, so I cut it off on here.  And like always, here’s the last one.  Now:


Hannah and Spenser pick up as much of the treasure as they can carry and start up the tunnel.  It’s very difficult to carry twenty pounds of hold and diamonds over two miles, especially when all you have to carry it in is a bunch of old chests that are so rotten that when you pick them up the bottoms break because of the weight.  It takes Spenser and Hannah three hours to move all the treasure back to the helicopter.

The two of them have a lot to tell Kirsten and Bekah on the way home!  The day after they get home, Reporter Mike Joseph comes to to Spenser’s house.  Hannah and Spenser get to tell their story on the news!  After that Spenser calls Jason Daniels, who is the director of a museum in Omaha.  Mr. Daniels says that he will buys the Rothfuss’ gold and diamonds and display it in his museum.

After that Spenser makes Hannah his official navigator, and The Darting Dragon becomes their official transportation.

Spenser, Hannah. Kirsten, and Bekah have many, many adventures together and become very good friends.

And someday, perhaps, I’ll write another book about this quartet! 🙂



Which I never did! 🙂  And, yes, the smiley-face is original. *sigh*

So: what did you think of the first story I posted?  Who was your favorite character? (I know characters were limited, so if you don’t have one that’s fine! 🙂 ) What was your favorite part?  Any other comments, thoughts, concerns?  I want your opinion!  I won’t be offended if there’s something you think I should have done different!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. And don’t give up on me.  I have another surprise for next Tuesday! 🙂

9 thoughts on ““Into the Dragon’s Lair” #6”

  1. I LOVED your story, Hanna! I don’t think I had a fav character, I liked them all :-). My favorite part? Hmm … probably part #5. By the way, when you say ‘the next one is a good ole’ unoriginal, knight-in-shining-armor, princess-story’, do you mean that’s what your next serial story will be?
    Your ‘adventure last night’ certainly sounds … interesting :-).
    A surprise for next Tuesday? Yay! So excited to find out what it is!!! ~Savannah

    1. I’m glad you liked my story, Savannah! I know the characters were kinda’ limited–and kinda’ all had the same personality! 🙂 The next one should have more variety!
      Oh! yes, I meant the next serial I’m going to do. Sorry that wasn’t clear. 🙁
      I know what’s going on next Tuesday, and I’m still excited! 🙂

      1. SO can’t wait until your next serial!! It definitely sounds like I am going to like it a LOT!
        With your next serial, are you just going to post whenever you want, or will you have scheduled posting days? ~Savannah

        1. I think I’ll stick with scheduled posts, but it’ll be more than once a week. I just can’t wait that long any more! 🙂

  2. Wow! Lots to take in! Well…..
    Your adventure last night sounds a lot like this afternoon for me! Getting on and off mom’s bike without killing myself in the process! 🙂 Aren’t you thankful you have brothers? 🙂
    Wow! Great ending! So cool how ALL of your family is in it! (except for Lucy) Can we still see the treasure at ‘the museum in Omaha’ “to this very day”? 🙂
    I LOVED your story! I’m a kid at heart, a lover of kids literature, and reader of kids fiction! Love it! I think my favorite character (name wise) was Fogginess. (I know, I know, I always like the bad character, just stick with me) My favorite character (character wise) was probably Mike Joseph! 🙂
    A surprise????? CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Mike was SO TOTALLY not you’re favorite character, Ellen, he just reminds you of SOMEONE ELSE you happened to think is cute! 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it! Oh! and I’m glad you like my dragon’s name! 🙂

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