Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year!  We got Chinese food last year (the Hy-Vee kind ’cause all the real Asian restaurants were packed out) but we’re going a little more all out this year with Lucy.

As it’s a two-week festival, we’re actually celebrating tomorrow night because Becca  and Spencer work on Thursday evenings.


IMG_DadsPhone (175)


IMG_DadsPhone (174)

Happy Chinese New Year, folks!


IMG_0370 IMG_0623 IMG_0626 IMG_0346


I never thought I’d be the girl that posted about this… but I’m a lot of things I never expected to be.  I’m a big sister, I’m a world traveler (kind of 🙂 ), I’m a blog-writer, and I’m crazy about China.  Who would have thought?

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