Another Old Favorite

I was gone for eight hours yesterday, and had a BLAST!

I went to a play of “Little Women” with some friends…


(at the Omaha Community Playhouse, believe it or not!)


…and then went to “Noodles & Co.” for lunch!


The play was good–not as good as the book, but is anything?  I mean, the book is always better than the movie or play. right?  Well, maybe that’s just me.  I’m a bookworm–though you guys probably figured that one out already! 🙂

They dramatized it a lot, made it a musical, left things out, and scrunched it all together–like putting the Jo-Meets-Apollyon-chapter part being about Meg and Jo’s first ball, not the theater, kind of thing; and John and Laurie proposing before Mrs. March came home.

That bothered me a little; but if you included everything in the book,  the play would be like twenty-four hours long something insane like that!

And the music was good touch!  The only problem was that you I (at any rate) can’t memorize songs the first time I hear them, and I have no way to listen to them again, so I can’t sing them.  Tragic, is it not?

It was almost as emotional as the book too: I spent the whole after-intermission-half trying not to cry!  Good actors, and a good story.

Good singers too–incredibly good!  One of the songs (actually one of my favorites) really reminded me of “Let It Go”–it had the same powerful piano-music; without so much of the hopeful and liberated feelings.  Jo sings it right after she refuses Laurie’s proposal, and I was like “oh my word!  I’ve totally felt like that before!”



Us “bigs” finished off the day with a rousing game of “Bang!”


Dad got out chips and salsa.  We all enjoyed the chips, but one of us doesn’t hold with salsa (okay, okay: it’s me).

Love these people! :-)

IMG_0562 IMG_0566


Love these people! 🙂


“God winds you up, and you go till He stops you” (514).

-“Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott 🙂

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  1. I had a great time too! Thanks for coming with us!! I totally thought she was going to start singing “Let it Go” and thought don’t you start singing that or I might punch Hanna. Just to let my anger out on something! 🙂 I thought is was really good even though they did skip some. I thought is was awesome!!!!! And yes, I was almost crying during the whole 2nd half and I cried at the end too. A lot. Oh well. 😐
    Great quote! I love that part!

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