“Into the Dragon’s Lair” #2

I’m not sure if it was motivating or just plain distracting this morning, knowing that I could post this when I was done with school! 🙂

And now, of course, since I decided to mess around with a prologue, chapter one is in my second post.  *sigh*  Leave it to me to make things confusing! 🙂

And in case any of you missed it, here’s the prologue!


CHAPTER 1 ~ Travels:

The year is 2012, and Explorer Spenser Rothfuss and Navigator Hannah Marie are going on an adventure in Bolivia.  Spenser had not been able to find a plane going to Bolivia they could afford; and they might not have gone at all, but Hannah had said her aunt (Pilot Kirsten Marie) owned a helicopter, and she might take them.

You have probably guessed why Spenser and Hannah are going to Bolivia.  Yes, it is to find the Rothfuss’ stolen gold and diamonds.  It has been many years since the treasure was stolen, and Grizzled is dead.

Pilot Kirsten Marie, Co-pilot Bekah Lynn, Explorer Spenser, and Navigator Hannah leave for Bolivia June 25th, 2012.  Flying from Texas to Bolivia takes a long, long time.  Hannah spends most of her time playing rock-paper-scissors and having thumb-wars with Spenser.  Kirsten’s helicopter, “The Darting Dragon”, is a cargo helicopter, so they have to keep stopping to drop things off.  Finally they reach a certain clearing in the Bolivian jungle: Hannah and Spenser start down a small trail into the trees.

The adventures begun!


I realize now I’m going to have to proof-read these pretty carefully, since (as most of you have probably noticed) the characters are named after my family members, but spelled different.  My muscle-memory makes me want to type them the way the real people spell their names, I’m this is going be more work to re-type than I anticipated! 🙂

I’m making a few changes as I go along, but they’re mostly punctuation.  In the original copy, though, I spelled Spenser with a “C” because I couldn’t think of any other way to spell it!  I was inspired to spell it that way when I typed it wrong by mistake once, and thought I’d spell it that way here!

Come back next Tuesday! 🙂

6 thoughts on ““Into the Dragon’s Lair” #2”

  1. Awesome Hanna! I love this story so far! So excited to see what happens next! I love that you used yourself and your family as characters in the story, it’s so neat! You’re a great writer! ~Savannah

  2. I noticed the spelling and I was like…”What’s going on??? Did I miss something??? Did she really mean to type it this way…???” Totally caught me off guard! 🙂 I really like how you changed it so it wouldn’t be your actual names, because that’s just kind of weird. To have “you” be in your stories. I don’t know, I just think that would be kind of strange. 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more!

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