Winter Wonderland

Here are a few pictures I got of the snow!  It was so pretty when it started falling: great big, peaceful flakes drifting down.  I took some pictures, but you can’t see the snowflakes.  🙁

It wasn’t sticking very well, and I was hoping so desperately it would get real deep…


Wish granted!


Look how deep that drifted up!

IMG_0266 IMG_0268 IMG_0265


Just look at that!  I love how this turned out!  Couldn’t this so totally be Narnia or something?

You know me: off in raptures again.

Happy February!

P.S.  Come back tomorrow: I’ve got something exciting to post! 🙂  Hint: I know I’ve talked to some of you about it already, but maybe not all of you.  Don’t forget to check in!

23 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Oh my word, SO beautiful! Funny that you should mention how much it looks like Narnia, because we were talking about that yesterday :-). Yes, it DEFINITELY looks like it could be Narnia, it’s so neat! I really love snow :-). Especially deep snow :-).
    I think I might know what you’re going to be posting :-). If I’m right, then I am TOTALLY excited!! If I’m wrong … still excited :-). ~Savannah

      1. Depends, once we made a really funny movie with the Sathers, and we also made a more serious movie with our next door neighbors…. so, I guess both! But we do serious movies the most. 🙂 ~Sky

          1. Yes! Totally! We should all get together and make a movie or a commercial, of something that people could watch that would make them laugh! 🙂

      2. We were watching those videos, and when Becca tossed you the cereal box, and you said, “I ate cereal, for breakfast!” And tossed the box away, we were laughing so hard we couldn’t hear what Spencer was saying next! I love those videos! And the commercial was really funny too! ~Sky

    1. I’ll show you on my latest story post, #7, on my blog. I can’t show you on here because It will just show up like what you saw on my comment. That might sound confusing, so…. just look at my comment on my latest post.~Sky

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