It’s a wonderful, wonderful life!

I’ve got a double-helping of sweetness in my life (literallydouble) and I thought I’d let it overflow a little here!

It was really warm today, and Mom and the littles went outside.  I posted this on here and then joined them.  As soon as I came outside Lucy grabbed my hand and took me around back to swing with her.  While we were walking L asked me to sing a song I’d played on the piano that morning with her.

Walking calmly in the sun hand ‘n hand, singing together–the sisteriest thing in the WORLD!!!  Sweet.  Beautiful.

“Lucy is a sister.   She belongs; as much as I do. And someday I’ll probably forget sometimes that we had to do without her for eight years. Someday she’ll just there. The seven of us. And it will be the most natural thing in the world.” -Yours Truly, “Broken”

(always “Broken”)


And after Mom and Lu went in, Michael and I stayed outside and played Hide ‘n Seek–little brother’s new Thing.

M would cover his eyes, move his hands just enough to see me hide, then count to ten, and wander around saying, “Hmm, where’s Hanna?” while he went right to me.  Okay, okay, fine: I’ll allow it. 🙂

And when I was It he would make me wait to count until he hid… I think you’re missin’ the point, Michael-boy.  Maybe he didn’t like the pressure of being timed.  🙂

My favorite was when he hid  in (pretty plain sight) and I looked up from “searching” and made eye-contact to say, “Have you seen Michael?”  He laughed pretty hard about that one. 🙂

P.S.  Do you feel out-smiley-faced?

Me neither! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


11 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful, wonderful life!”

  1. I LOVE your posts Hanna! Singing while swinging always makes me think of doing just that with Skylar :-).
    Lucy sounds SO sweet and cute, I can’t wait to meet her someday! Does she have a favorite color?-Savannah

  2. We are so glad you were outside enjoying this rare beautiful sunny day at the end of January! Grandpa and I went out for a nice long walk today too. Thank you for sharing these special moments with us!

  3. Makes me smile too, Hanna, the best way to get into the heart of a child is to play with them, let them set the rules and just see what they come up with, based on what they already know from the adults around them. So fun…. what a good big sister you are, and you wouldn’t have known that without younger siblings.
    Hugs to you all

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