Sweetest. thing. ever.

We were listening to A Little Mandarin last night with Lucy.  Most of the songs are traditional Chinese kid’s songs, and Lu had heard some of them before.  Several of them went along with little games or dances, and Lucy started trying to teach us the actions yesterday!  It was SO sweet!

For one of them she had Mom hold onto a chair and “pull” and then started pulling on her shirt; proceeding to tell me to pull on her dress, etc.  From the English lyrics we found, we were apparently pulling a radish.


Lucy loves dancing!  It’s beautiful.  She was dancing to Daddy’s guitar music the other day with a couple of ribbons hot-glued to wooden skewers.  She doesn’t appear to have a lot of depth-perception, and she was getting a little too close to her audience while waving sticks…

But go ahead.  Poke my eye out–just don’t stop dancing.

Never stop dancing.

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