Thank you all so much for praying for Michael!  He is doing pretty good.  He was walking on his heels yesterday so he didn’t have to step on his foot… we tried to explain that he only had to walk on ONE heel and could use the other foot normally, but I don’t think we got that across. 🙂

Thank you all so much for your suggestions with “Searching For His Name”!  I think I’m going to use Savannah’s idea of something like a glowworm.  I came really close to using one of Ellen’s, but I couldn’t figure out how to work them into this particular story.  I had a feeling it might be Ellen or Savannah… probably because I knew they both made up stories too! 😉  Thank you for all your suggestions, they were great!

And I’m actually needing more help with one of my stories:

I made up this family that I’m probably going to write a book about someday, and I need help naming one their daughters.

She is 19, cheerful, energetic, and kind.  She has red/blond hair and brown eyes, and she loves animals.  You will find her quietly sitting and doing needle-work with her sisters one minute, and then outside racing horses with her brothers the next!

This family has 17 children (I know, I know; I just like big families) and she is one of the 4 biological children.  Which means that they’ve adopted 13, so obviously she is accepting and trusting.

She is sweet and kind, but also playful and she loves to tease!  I came up with four different names I could use, and I can’t decide which one suites her the best… which is where you guys come in!  The names are:

* Allison

* Apple

* Sparrow

* Willow

I like both the A-names because she has two brothers about her age whose names start with A, and then they would match.

I like Allison because I wrote another book that takes place in the same country (which I made up, by the way) and there’s a princess in it named Allyson that she could be named after.

I like the name Apple because it’s unique!

Anyone who knows our family well will know why I like the name Sparrow and why it makes me think of adoptive families! 🙂

And I like Willow because I read a book once that had a picture in it of a “Willow Fairy” that was very beautiful, so it now sounds pretty and peaceful to me.  I also like it because her biological sister (the only other girl in her family that was named by the same people) is also named after a tree.


Please comment and tell me which name you like the best!  I’m not going to just-use-the-one-with-the-most-votes-no-matter-what, but I might and I think it will help me out.


17 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. I’m glad Micheal is doing okay, I hope his foot heals up soon!
    Your character sounds wonderful! I would say … I think that Allison fits her best, because it sounds like name that could belong to a crazy, energetic girl and still fit a quiet, gentle girl. I also think it would be neat to have her named after Allyson. Can’t wait to see what name you pick for her! -Savannah

  2. Hi Hanna,
    I think you should name her Apple. When I heard your description of her, I immediately thought of the name Cheryl, but you don’t have to name her that.
    Tell Michael get better soon so we can play!

  3. Apple is my favorite, but Allison would be fun because she could be named after the princess Allyson.

    Can’t wait to hear what you pick!

  4. I like Allison because it’s similar to the name of a friend of mine whose family also happens to have 17 children (12 of whom were adopted).

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