Little Brother

I spent some time in the basement today, playing with Michael while Mom and Dad went for a drive with Lucy… and after they got home as well, ’cause we were both having fun. 🙂

We have an old pew down there–you know,  like the ones they have in churches–cute, old-fashioned churches; not like ours, much as I like our church.

Michael made a little bed for himself on it and told me to turn off the lights.  He then got up and pretended to yawn.  He got in and out like a million times and his bed fall apart more then once and I had to “build” it again.

Michael: (trying to get his pillow arranged right) Let’s build my bed!

Me: It’s already built.

Michael: (promptly throwing the pillow on the floor) no, it’s not!

Me: Okay… let’s build it.

I’ll let you get away with it!

After that we got under the pew, and then he got back in “bed” and I stuck my hand up behind it–for which I think I get some credit, as it was almost pushed against the wall!

Of course he wanted me to put both hands up there, which I couldn’t for lack of space to move around… and then he came down there too, and I smashed against the wall to make room for him, wondering how many cobwebs I had in my hair.

Sometimes it’s good to just play with lil’ brother and do what he wants, even if it offends my dignity or my idea of “grown-up and sensible.”

I want to be a good big sister.  A fun one.

Not the best.  Not perfect.  Not the pious one that is flawless in every way, and is never in trouble, and makes the littles green with envy.

I don’t want to be the smart one… or the busy one… or the one that’s always right.

I just want to be fun.

I have this idea that M and I are going to play pirates or something someday, and Michael is going to have me be the bad-guy because everyone wants to be good…

…and I’m okay with that.

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