2014 in Review

Yes, Lucy’s birthday is the day after Michael’s… not to mention that Mama’s is tomorrow! 🙂  As you can imagine that kinda’ takes over New Years.

But my siblings are better than New Years anyway.

Sorry.  Not sorry actually.

But we have a tradition of making a list on New Years Day of things we did as a family in the last year, so I thought I’d post it.  It’s long!

* Over night visit from friends

* Kept participating in our local Homeschool group

* Becca kept teaching E.S.L. at the S.S.C.A.

* We were part of the Refugee Outreach with Waypoint Church in July

* Becca did college classes at Eternity Bible College

* Spencer did Scorpion basketball (also with our homeschool group)

* I continued going to a local Bright Lights group

* Becca continues leading her own B.L. group

* Spencer participated in National History Day for the third time

* Daddy started working at Labpoint

* We volunteered at the Hope Center for Kids

* Becca and Hanna did “coffee duty” at church, and Spencer and Dad helped with media

* Hanna, Spencer, and Dad acted in the Nebraska Home Educators Association Kid’s Conference drama and Becca and Spencer taught

* Dad, Spencer, and Hanna went to a Harlem Globe Trotters game

* Cystic Fibrosis Walk

* Heart Walk

* Hanna and Spencer did a workshop at the Rose Theater

* Hanna and Spencer took piano lessons and Spencer was in his last recital

* Rothfuss Reunion in Superior

* World Refugee Day

* Becca took the C.E.L.T.A. in Denver

* Went to Shakespeare on the Green: “The Tempest”

* Mom’s sister had brain surgery

* Jazz on the Green

* New swing set!!!

* Spencer teaches tae kwon do for Kicking Tigers

* Becca volunteers to teach E.S.L. for Embrace the Nations

* Spencer did a back pack drive for the Hope

* I hosted “Little Lights” and a Fairy Garden Tea Party

* Went to Two Rivers State Park on Tuesdays with our HS group

* Day of Family Camp at Rivercrest

* Visited friends in Colorado and attended a wedding

* Noonday Trunk Show

* Becca went to World Mandate in Texas

* Spencer starts College Plus and Debate, and takes the P.S.A.T.

* Hosted our Autumn Harvest Soup Supper

* Kept in touch with Michael’s birth-family

* I worked on writing “Love Can Bridge Oceans” and “Looking Back”

* CHINA over Thanksgiving and Lucy home December 4!!!!!

* Hanna starts blog ( 🙂 )… and gets a camera

*Spencer read “Great Expectations,”  “Prophet,” “Counted Worthy,” and “Democracy in America”

* Hanna also read “Prophet” and “Counted Worthy,” as well as “Gulliver’s Travels” and “Pilgrim’s Progress”

* Watched “Amazing Grace” and had a Hobbit plunge

* Mama turns 43, Dad also, Becca turns 18 (and graduates!), Spencer turns 15, Hanna turns 14, Lucy turned 8, and Michael turns 3

* Did a series on “Live 10” at Waypoint church

* Mom and Dad to Rend Collective Concert

* Becca read “Bonhoeffer”

* Gained a third car–Honda CRV

* Dad made several tables out of bowling alley lanes

* Great-grandma passes away

* Waypoint moves to new offices

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