Today is Lucy’s ninth birthday!  I wonder what I was doing nine years ago…

I had no idea!  And if you would have told the Rothfuss’ youngest child “your little sister was born today” in 2006 I would have thought you weird.

I realized recently that I didn’t tell you guys much about Lucy.  I was kinda’ distracted!  Here’s several things we’re noticed about her personality (if you read our family-blog you’ll already know most of this):

* She loves to sing.  And she can actually carry a tune.  Unlike one of her older sisters!  Lucy and I have lots of fun singing together… until she gets upset when I stop singing because my voice gave out.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been coughing since we got home!

* She loves to dress up!

* She doesn’t like all sweet things, but she likes chocolate! 😉  I was afraid she wouldn’t ’cause they’re not big on chocolate in China and I didn’t want to be “that family” but she likes it after all.

* She likes yogurt and fruit–just like they said in the first update!  We’re having Jell-o cake with Tsa Mei [strawberries].

* She tosses and turns when she sleeps–just like me!

* Speaking of sleeping, we share a bed and she does all the things Becca says I did to her: she climbs over my feet to get to her side of the bed, rolls on top of me, and she’s kind-of a cover-hog!  I don’t usually mind that sort of thing, but I don’t abide cover-taking! 🙂

* She’s very crafty and loves cutting, gluing, and folding!

Lucy was very excited about her birthday.  She was all impatient last night, and it reminded me of the night before one of my birthdays that I prayed I wouldn’t have dreams because it made the night seem longer! 🙂

Happy birthday Lucy!  I treasure your personality!

5 thoughts on “Lucy”

  1. I love your story Hanna! It is easy to picture what wonderful sisters you and Lucy and Becca will be. Sisters are a blessing from God and I love my sisters and always treasure them. These memories will last you a lifetime!

  2. oh, Hanna, you are a dear. You make me smile and laugh and think back to 2006; and to the year 2000, when you were born. We were amazed at that mop of curly, dark (dare I say black) hair, and the dark eyebrows and clear blue eyes peeking out at us. We were no less surprised when your dark curls turned into blond straight hair. It has been one of God’s best gifts to see you grow up into the young lady you now are. We are proud of who God made you to be and for the choices you are making along the way. Happiness!

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