She slipped quietly out of bed and tip-toed through the dark to the bathroom.  Taped to the mirror was a note.  These weren’t uncommon at her house and she leaned over the counter to read it:

“Good morning!  Call Dad’s phone.  Heart~ Mama”

It has been three years and she still remembers.  She went back to her room and told her sister.  “They weren’t expecting us to call at 5:00 am.”

I wonder what I was doing right now–at 2:00 pm–three years ago.  I don’t know, but I remember I was very emotional that day.  I was probably at the hospital.  I’m sure I had seen him by now.

But it seemed like hours before they’d let us see him.  He’s my brother anyway!

I remember the first time I held him.  Becca and Spencer got to hold him first.  Trying.  Stressful.  I did get to hold him though–that day, that hour.  Which was a blessing.  We took him home from the hospital.  And now I forget that you can get a baby any other way.

But I forget that he came that way.  It’s strange.  It’s wonderful.

Most wonderful things are strange.


Michael’s officially 3.  I can’t believe it’s been three years.  But it feels like forever.  I remember things that happened before he came along and I catch myself picturing Mom holding a baby.  And while we were in China I kept feeling like somebody oughta’ be pushing a stroller.

Force of habit.

I love you, Micheal Joe!

6 thoughts on “Three”

  1. You are an artist, with words you create the scene and capture the feelings. Your 3rd person perspective is great. Love to you and little Michael today on his birthday!

  2. So Michael and Lucy share the same birthday? Jan 1st is Dec 31 in the US. Happy birthday to both of them!

    How sweet and powerful is that love!

  3. I so enjoy your writing. You have a special gift that God gave you when it comes to verbal expression. Keep it up dear.
    Love you

  4. A beautiful celebration story of Michael’s birth. You are a great sister and a wonderful story writer Hanna! Hugs to you!

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