She slipped quietly out of bed and tip-toed through the dark to the bathroom.  Taped to the mirror was a note.  These weren’t uncommon at her house and she leaned over the counter to read it:

“Good morning!  Call Dad’s phone.  Heart~ Mama”

It has been three years and she still remembers.  She went back to her room and told her sister.  “They weren’t expecting us to call at 5:00 am.”

I wonder what I was doing right now–at 2:00 pm–three years ago.  I don’t know, but I remember I was very emotional that day.  I was probably at the hospital.  I’m sure I had seen him by now.

But it seemed like hours before they’d let us see him.  He’s my brother anyway!

I remember the first time I held him.  Becca and Spencer got to hold him first.  Trying.  Stressful.  I did get to hold him though–that day, that hour.  Which was a blessing.  We took him home from the hospital.  And now I forget that you can get a baby any other way.

But I forget that he came that way.  It’s strange.  It’s wonderful.

Most wonderful things are strange.


Michael’s officially 3.  I can’t believe it’s been three years.  But it feels like forever.  I remember things that happened before he came along and I catch myself picturing Mom holding a baby.  And while we were in China I kept feeling like somebody oughta’ be pushing a stroller.

Force of habit.

I love you, Micheal Joe!

Christmas Preparations

It’s not looking hopeful for those who like white Christmasses ’round here: it’s been wet and rainy, and not just bitterly cold.

Becca, Spencer, and I went to Panera a few days ago to pick up dinner.  And I (always the unprepared one) walked to the car between my two older siblings in their parkas wondering if I was going to be warm enough in my new grey fleece (thanks grandpa and grandma!)… and if drenched tennis shoes are the end of the world as I trudged through the mushy grass.

I was also afraid that we were going to get in a wreck because the windshield was all fogged over.  Trust me to expect the worst!

I’m also not prepared for tomorrow.  I have presents for… three people and zero presents wrapped?  Something like that.  🙂  I’m excited though and we’re going to make some prep-time tonight after the littles go to bed.

P.S. Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve???

14th Christmas

I can’t believe I didn’t post earlier!  I really meant to.

Last Friday was my 14th birthday.  I can’t believe I’ve been in my teens for a whole year!  We usually have our grandparents over on birthdays, but because of “cocooning” with Lucy we just celebrated quietly the seven of us.

We took Lucy to a Christmas-party yesterday–for less than half an hour.  You can go to our family blog to read about what she’s been up to.

And I got a camera at aforementioned Christmas-party!!!  I am SO excited!  I haven’t gotten it out and figured out how to use it (aka given to my dad or brother and asked them what to do with it) but I’m really excited to!  Maybe I’ll start posting pictures now! 🙂


We cheated this year and got our Christmas tree at Lowe’s, but at least it’s real!  We went real simple this time and just did lights, tinsel (because Lucy likes it), and red Chinese tassels.  It’s lovely.

It’s been fairly warm here (hence the bike #FamilyBlog) which has been nice.

Merry Christmas!

With You

“…It’s so much more friendly with two.”

-Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, by A. A. Milne, page 132

People weren’t made to be by themselves.  They need each other.  Sometimes Life gives you lemons, and we weren’t made to carry so much fruit alone.

Kristoff tried to get out of helping Anna–but she never would have made it without him.

Elsa tried to shut Anna out–but if Anna hadn’t pursued, Elsa would have been killed.

Inigo couldn’t have gotten through the Zoo of Death without Fezzik, and Fezzik couldn’t have made it without Inigo.

And neither of them would have made it into the castle without Westley–but Westley would not have gotten into the castle without them.

The dwarves didn’t want to bring Bilbo at first–but they never would have succeeded without him.

Thorin didn’t want to give Bard gold to help the people of Esgaroth–but Thorin would not have gotten the treasure back without Bard anyway.

Frodo tried to leave Sam–but he never would have made it without him.

Sam almost convinced Frodo not to trust Strider–but they never would have gotten there without him.

First Frodo, then Elrond almost succeeded in sending Merry and Pippin home–but if they hadn’t come Denethor would have killed Faramir and the Witchking would have killed Eowyn.

“Thorin and Co.” would never have gotten inside the Lonely Mountain without Elrond, and the hobbits wouldn’t even have gotten to Bree without Tom Bombadil.

Naomi tried to leave Ruth–but I don’t know how she would have managed without her, and I don’t think Ruth would have gotten so far without Boaz.

Joseph tried to leave Mary–and I don’t think she would have made it alone.

God created Eve the same day he created Adam.  People need people.  We can’t do this alone.  We just can’t.

I need you guys!

Home, Sweet Home!

I thought I should just check in and tell you that we all made it home in one piece… well, four pieces actually, all of us.

Only there’s SEVEN (7) of us now!  Five kids… that’s kind-of a big family.  I mean someone called our family big once when we only had 3 kids; but even I’ll admit that 5 is kinda’ a big number.


China was great, but I was homesick before the first week was even out!


I forgot to bring my Bible to China 🙁 so I’m trying to get back into the swing of reading it daily.  I’m currently in Deuteronomy, which I didn’t really have the brain cells to read today (or thought I didn’t) so I just flipped around and landed in Psalms.  I found these two verses which I previously underlined, and I thought I’d share them with you:

Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure.  The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delgithful inheritance.

-Psalm 16:5,6