Are we going to China tomorrow?

I don’t think so.  It isn’t possible, is it?

Come on, people, give me some grace: I haven’t convinced myself yet that we are going to CHINA!

During our first adoption, I never would have guessed that we would ever do an international adoption.  We actually wanted to do a second domestic adoption… but that door was closed–God closed it.  Because he knew Lucy was out there for us.

He knew she needed us… and we needed her.

We weren’t thinking China either, it was just an open door.  It was just the option that seemed like it was the best fit for our family.

Lucy was born in 2006… the year we went to Florida as a family (at the time, which was without M and Lucy 🙁 )

I wonder what my little five-year-old self was doing that day when, on the other side of the world, things were happening that would change my life–forever.

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow–probably earlier than I’ve ever left the house before.  This is going to be a adventure!  Will you pray for us?

*for Lucy, that she would not be scared or confused

*for health and safety while we’re in China

*for health and safety for those of us staying home, and that God would give them grace and peace

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to post from China, but if not then I’ll see you in two weeks!

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow?!”

  1. Hi hanna!
    I can’t believe that you are going to go to China tomorrow either!
    That is SO COOL!
    I hope you can take pictures when you are in China!
    I bet you can’t wait to meet Lucy!
    I hope you have fun in China!

  2. May the Lord be with your whole family. Be with Lucy. May the family bond be felt right away. And Lucy know that this family is her home. The home she has been waiting for her whole life. The family God picked out just for her. AMEN.

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